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Biolinky Pro Lifetime plan


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Track referrals and revenue

Track all your referrals and your revenue in realtime thanks to the all-in-one dashboard tool from Rewardful.

Monthly payouts using PayPal

On a NET60 basis. This means 60 days after the last day of a closing month.

Affiliate program rules


This Agreement does not create an exclusive agreement between you and us. Both you and we will have the right to recommend similar products and services of third parties and to work with other parties in connection with the design, sale, installation, implementation and use of similar services and products of third parties.

No paid ads that compete with us

No paid advertising that could compete with our own marketing, or looks like it is directly from us

Do not cause potential confusion

Do not pretend to be acting on our behalf and or any other actions that could cause potential confusion for customers.

No self-referrals

We do not allow people to sign up for Biolinky using their own affiliate links.

Change the Terms of Service

We reserve the right to change the Terms of Service for our affiliate program at any time.

Affiliate program FAQ

Can I get a payout with services other than PayPal?

No. At the moment, only Paypal is supported.

Can we also earn a commision on the monthly/annual subscription?

No. Only on the Biolinky Pro Lifetime plan.

When do I get paid?

We work with a NET60. This means 60 days after the last day of a closing month.

Why NET60?

Because we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Therefore the start of the conversion only counts in the month that money back guarantee ends, 30 days after conversion takes place. Then 30 days after the end of that month. We get that's a long time, but it is the best experience for our customers.